Michael Tibbs is a renowned orchid expert, breeder and grower. Michael has lived and worked in the orchid business in the United Kingdom, Japan and South Africa. Michael has travelled extensively, having visited, judges at and has been a vendor at many of the world’s major orchid shows. He has also visited many parts of the globe searching out orchids in their natural habitat, for pleasure and as research for his severalbooks on orchids. Michael Tibbs' new online book and magazine:The ULTIMATE Orchid will also be coming soon. Clickhere for more details and to register your interest.

He is engaged by private individuals, nurseries and businesses to provide consultancy services onorchid cultivation and the design of greenhouses for growing orchids,exterior landscaping projects,interior landscaping and corporate flowers andorchid hybridisation. Pleasecontact Michael if you are interested in discussing a project with him.

Michael is a well-knownjudge andguest lecturer and has won numerousawardsfor the orchids he has grown.


Michael is currently based in Europe and offers consultancy and procurement of orchids, exotic plants, fresh flowers, greenhouses for corporate and private customers. Michael also works in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia searching out new plants and flowers for commercial growers and offers advice on cultivation, project management, logistics, packing and shipping. Michael will lead you from start up to growing and even sources customers for the finished product.

Currently, he is working on New Product Development and Technical Research on Agapanthus, Knipofia, Peony, Chrysanthemums, Astrantia, Hydrangeas, Eryngium, Gentiana, Gerbera, Helianthus and foliages for the UK supermarket trade.

Orchid projects include the production of Disas for cutflower and potplant production in Europe, Ansellias, African ephiphytes, Intergeneric Zygopetaluum and Oncidiums for the pot plant trade.

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